Thursday, February 6, 2014

eNCA's Tanya Nefdt bikinitize as she reports from underwater, interviewing speedo-clad lads hoping to swim and break a world record.

The eNCA's (DStv 403) intrepid social interest ingénue Tanya Nefdt brilliantly bikinitized on Thursday as she interviewed two speedo-clad lads and even reported from underwater with subtitles.

Tanya Nefdt's story worked great (just like fellow eNCA'er Yusuf Omar when he ran in a speedo) because she was really immersing herself (no pun intended) in the story.

Tanya Nefdt's take brings an interesting dynamic and angle to her report without making it feel forced - which eNCA'er Phakamile Hlubi did exactly a year ago when she exploitatively draped that yellow snake around her.

Besides interviewing swimmers and friends Thane Williams and Jonno Proudfoot in their speedos poolside in Sea Point, Cape Town, Tanya Nefdt (bravely) actually got into the swimming pool as well.

The two are trying to swim the world's longest open ocean unassisted stage swim in March from Mozambique to Madagascar in under 35 days. They want to raise money for operations for cleft palate children.

Tanya Nefdt cleverly did the final sentence and closer for her filed story from underwater in the pool. It was obviously not audible - but she therefore added on-screen subtitles.