Thursday, January 30, 2014

BREAKING. Comedy Central crisis as Kenny Kunene has to replace Leon Schuster who now refuses to do the Roast.

Comedy Central crisis: Kenny Kunene has been roped in to replace Leon Schuster who has suddenly backed out of doing the Comedy Central Roast set for 3 April.

Leon Schuster will no longer sit in the Roast seat after apparently being advised to rest by doctors.

Leon Schuster told Comedy Central last week that he is no longer doing the Roast. Comedy Central executives immediately called Kenny Kunene last week and asked him to help - South Africa's "Sushi King" has always been on Comedy Central's radar as a potential roastee.

Comedy Central says Leon Schuster "has been advised to rest by his doctors following an intense work schedule which has seen him shoot two movies back-to-back, and who is awaiting a knee replacement operation".

Leon Schuster says that he's "heartbroken to be missing the Roast and so sorry at any disappointment caused to my fans but unfortunately all those silly movie stunts and some old rugby injuries caught up with me at the ripe old age of 62. I'm going to take some time out for a bit of rest and recuperation and I look forward to coming back fit and refreshed in a couple of months."

The change clearly means new work by Comedy Central to find and secure new local celebrity talent to roast Kenny Kunene instead of Leon Schuster. Comedy Central didn't announce who Kenny Kunene's roasting panel will be.

Evert van der Veer, Comedy Central channel director says he's "excited to welcome Kenny on board as our second Roastee".

Evert van der Veer tells TV with Thinus in answer to a media enquiry, that "the decision was made by Comedy Central on the advice of his doctors".

"We think Leon would have made a great roastee so naturally we are sorry that he can no longer participate but he has been told to rest and his health is the most important thing."

"Kenny is a brilliant alternative - a controversial and well-known media figure thanks to his colourful career," says Evert van der Veer. "Kenny's ability to court controversy and to polarise opinion offers lots of comedic possibilities and make him truly Roast worthy."

Kenny Kunene says "You can never roast sushi. Don't even try. But bring it on Comedy Central!"

The Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene will be recorded on 3 April and will be broadcast on the channel on DStv on 28 April at 20:00.

It will be the second South African Comedy Central Roast, based on the American Comedy Central format which kicked off last year with Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr.