Thursday, October 27, 2011

TopTV turns its 8 Top channels commercial, will start to sell TV advertising through its TopTV Airtime Sales division.

On Digital Media's (ODM) TopTV is turning the South African pay TV operator's 8 self-compiled Top channels commercial for the first time since the operator launched its commercial pay TV service in May 2010.

TopTV that has been running a testing phase will now be selling TV commercials on its 8 Top channels which include Top One, Top Movies, Top Movies +2, Top Movies +24, Top Crime, Top History, Top Explore and Top Gospel.

TopTV says the list of commercial enabled TV channels on the TopTV bouquet will grow over the next few months and will be extended to 3rd party channels.

TopTV Airtime Sales will work with a manual advertising booking process for now and has also entered into negotiations with Landmark, an airtime sales system used by other broadcasters in South Africa.

''We are very happy with the positive response from the advertising industry thus far,'' says Jean Meyer, the vice president of TopTV Airtime Sales in a statement. '' There is definite interest in the TopTV Airtime Sales offering and key decision makers at agencies. Advertisers seem to share our vision of where this business will be in a year''.