Friday, September 30, 2011

BREAKING. MultiChoice extends its DStv TV guide to the iPad with a brand-new iPad DStv TV guide that's interactive.

MultiChoice isn't telling the press about it and there's been no official release or word from the pay TV platform to the media, but DStv now has a brand-new iPad application for its DStv guide.

The iPad DStv TV guide has been designed and created by immedia. iPad users can now download the iPad DStv TV guide app to scroll through DStv programming across various channels for 10 days.

The DStv TV guide application also contains highlights, feature shows and news snippets. Users can also customise the iPad TV guide for the DStv channel selection in a particular African country besides just South Africa, and can also refine it further according to genre, DStv bouquet and set reminders for shows.