Friday, September 18, 2009

BREAKING. Guess what local TV psychic is poised for her TV comeback . . .

You're reading it here first. (unless you're psychic too and simply knew it already). The psychic Mariëtta Theunissen is returning to primetime television to once again ''explore the other side''.

Die Ander Kant met Mariëtta Theunissen is making a TV comeback on kykNET from 16 October, on Friday nights at 21:00 on kykNET (DStv 111).

This comes after's own new psychic TV show, Your Date with Destiny with Belinda Silbert imploded spectacularly in July. Ratings nosedived and sunk so massively that the show was banished from its plush primetime spot and delegated to weekend afternoons on

Die Ander Kant (''The Other Side'') was an unexpected and welcomed viewership success for the Afrikaans satellite channel kykNET (DStv 114) in 2004. Channel bosses smiled, viewers raved and people couldn't get enough of the blond woman telling tearful studio guests about family members who have passed on as well as revealing secrets from the realm ''of the unexplained''. Then, without warning, Mariëtta left. For New Zealand. The show stopped.

But now she's back. The show will resume and kykNET has ordered several episodes with recording in front of a live studio that will start in early October.

The news isn't out yet, but people who want to be a studio guest and possible get a ''reading'' from Mariëtta can send an email to or send a fax to: 086 649 8926.